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I started having this problem yesterday when I booted up my pc. Everything was running fine the day before. When I boot to windows, after the splash screen 10 seconds it, the screen scrambles for a split second and the system restarts, no errors or anything after it restarts.

I've tried the following
Switching GPUs both mobo and pcie, both show the exact same thing happening.

I've tried different slots, both banks. I only have 1 ddr3 1800 ram stick to use, so I can't test other ram unless I buy more.

The windows memory diagnostic ran, but said it'll post the results when windows starts up, well it doesn't start up just reboots so I can't see if it has any errors.

I can start it in safe mode only, but normal windows doesn't boot past the login screen, after 10 seconds reguardless of what I do it scrambles and restarts.

All components are less than a month old and have been working well up until this. I think this is a RAM problem, but I'm not 100% sure. As I've seen this at work happen to windows xp laptops but instead they blue screen and replacing the ram allows them to boot into windows isntead of just safe mode.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Memtest86, it's your best friend when you're dealing with RAM. Load as a boot CD and let it go for at least 1 pass, errors mean it's dead.
  2. I'll try that, Thank you for the suggestion. I'll post back what happened.
  3. I booted from the usb disk that memtest created and ran the memory test. It ran but became frozen for over 30 minutes, I restarted. It became frozen here. The program kept blinking letting me know it was active, but it appears the test wouldn't progress any further.

    Pass 36%
    Test 48 %
    Test #6 moving inversions 32 bit pattern
    Pattern: 00080000

    DDR3 1333 MHz / CAS 9 12 12 30 64bit at 666mhz
  4. i think you should check it with other ram.... get other ram then try to boot your system....
    your ram is Corrupted ......
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