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hey there, I have a Rosewill Challenger ($50) case and I found that the rear case fan has a 3 pin connector whereas the other two fans that come with the case have molex 4 pin connectors. Is it safe and desirable to connect the 3 pin connector AND an aftermarket cooler to the motherboard, and then just have the other 2 fans connected to the PSU? Or should I get an adapter and have all 3 case fans with molex 4 pin connectors? thanks
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    its fine to use the motherboards 3 pins for your fans. it is why it is there. unless that fan is taking up the cpu fan spot(which is usually a 4 pin connector)

    the strategic reason why case companies make the front fans molex connectors is because its the closest to the molex cords from the psu when bottom mounted. it saves you the mobos 3 pins so you can instal more fans if you wanted to.
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