Advice on my 600$ budget gaming system

This is what i have put together for 600$ Canadian taxes and shiping included. I would appreciate all advice on the compatability of the parts or maybe even cheaper ones. These parts are all stated in CANADIAN, so please take note of this. I have read practically hundreds of articles and i believe i have gathered as much information as i can on my own so i am hoping for some good tips. My budget is 600$.

Thanks so much community!
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  1. Your combo has an older AM2/2+/3 motherboard that uses old DDR2 RAM. You need to find a combo with an AM3 only socket and DDR3 RAM.

    I have no idea how reliable HECs power supplies are. I stick with Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, PC Power & Cooling because of their history of reliable power supplies.
  2. Okay thats sounds right but i can't seem to find a motherboard that supports ddr3, could you help me find one on the Canadian newegg site?
  3. Is it worth it to upgrade my motherboard to support ddr3 memory, or will it not really make a difference? Am i better off getting ddr2 memory and keeping the mobo?
  4. DDR2 RAM is more expensive than DDR3 and getting worse. All new stuff is DDR3 so you will have a hard time expanding if you get an old DDR2 motherboard.

    Half of the combos of that CPU with motherboards only say "AM3" (not AM2/AM3) and are DDR3 motherboards.
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