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Now let me get this straight, most of the time you pay 140ish for a mobo you get a doable form of crossfire, correct?

in the recommended systems the mobo linked for amd was

I am looking for a x6 mobo, and came across this one

Now, for someone who doesn't plan to xfire, is there any reason to pay 50 more?

Why do most ~1k builds have 140 dollar mobos? Wouldn't a 89-100 one suffice?

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  1. For people planning on a single GPU setup I would say something like this the board you linked to is micro ATX I like ATX. It has all the features that you need.
  2. I do like that motherboard - thanks

    but just to clarify, most people who are going the single gpu route can skip the 140dollar boards?

    is that correct? (most other features can be found closer to 100)
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    Yes there is no reason for $140 boards with a single GPU. Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and etc make feature laden boards in the $100 range for people that build single GPU systems.
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