Can my PSU run a gtx 285 ?

hey guys , my PSU is a OCZ SXS 600w ... specs >

can this psu support a gtx 285 ??

my psu has 4 12v rails which can provide 18A , since 285 uses 2 pci-e cables that means 36A or the psu can provide 72A since it has 4 rails ??or is it 580w/12=48A on 12v ?? im really confused since the gtx 285 spec says it needs 40A .

my system also has :

asus p5kse
intel c2d e7300
6gb ddr2
the gpu would be gtx 285
2 x 120mm fans
2 x 80mm fans
OCZ SXS 600w

thanks .
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  1. yes it would work. but the ati 5850 would be a better option
  2. That PSU is perfectly fine. I also suggest the 5850 for the simple fact that it is DX11 and outperforms the GTS285. The 285 is a wonderful card, and if you are getting a really good deal on it, then maybe it's worth it. However, if you are buying new the 5850 is really a HUGE bang for the buck.
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