New fans help.

Hi guys i'm in need of new fans my case has these fans

1 x 120mm Blue LED Front Fan
1 x 120mm Rear Fan
2 x 120mm Top Fans
+1more 120mm on the side window

copy paste from newegg
two 120mm LED fans on the top panel to extract heat from chassis, one or two(optional) 120mm LED fan in the front cools your hard drive cordially, one 120mm fan in the back and one 120mm or 180mm(optional)LED fan at side.

so i want to buy 7 new fans that will be silent and remove allot of air 2 fans will be for a cpu cooler evo 212
and the rest for the case and recommendation i was going to buy a new case but i wont anymore.

2ed pic lol @ 19krpm
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  1. also if water cooling does air flow really matter ?
  2. Led fan case and WC doesnot matter, Good CPU cooler and balance hardware is important :D
    i think hyper 212 Evo enough good for litlle OC (Not Extreme)
  3. ik i'm using evo 212 fans that came with just want to replace them with better one and instead of only 1 fan i want to add 2 fans to it also want to replace the fans from my case they don't pull out allot of air from what i see. so yea any recommendation on 7 new fans to buy ? ? anything better then this?
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