A motherboard with decent spacing between the pcie slots

I'm buying a new pc this week, and would like to SLI those 2XGTX 470s :)
The MoBo I'm currently thinking about is the Gigabyte UD3R.
Now, according to some - the spacing between the PCIe's on most motherboards - are really close together, making the already hot 470s - even hotter.
I know there's the Asus P6TD which has great spacing between the slots, but it has some problems (mainly memory issues), and does not support USB3 or SATA III (I think).
I'm NOT looking to overclock anything on that pc.

Do you guys know of any other models that have that extra breathing space for my GPUs?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Would be good,the spaces between the PCI-E slot is good for a SLI/CF setup,also it supports USB 3.0 and Sata 6.0
  2. Thank you...
    But I see no difference between this, and the Gigabyte UD3R that I'm considering... not in terms of spacing.
    It seems the same :S

    (Unless you put one GPU in slot 1 and the second GPU on slot 3, but then it's X16 and X1, not X8....)
  3. Yes i just noticed it, but its enough for a SLI/CF, almost all motherboards have spaces like this.If your case has a good air-flow then you'll be fine putting 2 GTX 470 cards on either of this boards.
  4. If You've the cash, get the Asus Rampage III Extreme.. Or may be the MSI X Power..
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