Duel to Triple Channel Memory

Nooby question but does Duel channel memory have different architecture to triple because I was wondering if I could buy some Duel memory then upgrade it with 1 stick to triple channel. Is that possible or do you need to buy it straight up triple memory.
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  1. yeah this was a nooby question >.< don't bother replying cause I get it now. :P
  2. I can't even follow what you're asking in the question. DDR2 and DDR3 are different. Dual channel and Tri-Channel are just different setups
  3. Yeah I apologize for that, question was terrible. I was asking about Duel and Tri-channel setups but I did more reading on this forum and saw about 3 other people have asked already >.> What I wanted to do was buy 2x 2gb RAM then buy 1 more later.
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