My new wd 1 TB drive wont format w xp

tried twice to format the new drive W/ no luck! after formatting it says formatting not completed! any suggestions?
WD internal 1 TB Drive SATA HP 4300workstation Windows XP pro
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  1. Sometimes you will need to place the drive on a second computer, then do a complete slow format. OR a computer tech store can erase it for you.
    Or bulk erase the drive, then try it again.
    A malware program, or the security already on the drive may stop the drive from being re-formatted by the usual methods.
    It can be reformatted by other means such as above.

    However, a 1TB drive can be a poor choice, if you plan to put the OS on the same drive as the personal will run pretty slow.
    It's better to use a small fast drive (like 70GB) , for the OS and applications (only),
    and use the 1TB as a second drive, for your personal files only (default save location).
    This way the system will boot much faster, and the core applications will be much faster.
  2. I think what soundguruman means is to use a SSD drive for your primary drive, while using the 1TB drive for your data.
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