HW monitor says zero revs on cpu cooler

Hello. I´m using HW Monitor for watching my rig. Athlon II X2 250, Arctic Freezer 64, Gigabyte GA-MA 770 UD3. Clocked to 3.6 GHz core, 2160 MHz on NB and HT link.

The sytem runs nice and cool in my Antec case, 23/33 C idle/load oon cpu, so I really don´t think there´s anything wrong.

But from time to time, a couple of times a day maybe, I can see, that the speed of the cpu HSF value reads "0" in the min. tab.

When I first saw it, I stared at HWM till my eyes were square, and after a long wait I saw the fan apparantly stopped for maybe a second and then immidiately returned to 500 rpm again as if it never happened. And now I have seen it for the other fan i have on the other side of the HS for pull as well: down to stop for about a second or so, and then back to normal.

Both are attached to the mobo with three-pin headers.

If it is the powersupply or the mobo, I should fix it before something happens while I play. But if it somehow is something with a sensor or the software, everything is fine.

Have anyone had similar experiences?

Kent Thomsen, DK
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    I'd be inclined to check the reading in the BIOS first as this eliminates the possibility that the software you're using is giving a false reading.
  2. Yeah, you´re right, I´l try just that. A bit boring though... :)

    Thanks for answering.
  3. Øhmm, by the way, I´m new to this forum - and forums in general.

    Is there a kind of pointsystem, where it is considered polite to give points to the people who take the time to answer?
  4. Well try that and see what happens; if you have any more trouble post back. Tom's does have a points system yeah, I think as the original poster you can elect a 'best-answer' to your problem and that awards points to the user of your choice.
  5. Ok, thanks moody89.

    I seem to remember I saw a screenshot of HWM in some review somewhere sometime, that looked similar, but I really didn´t pay attention to it then, so I´m not really sure anyway. Maybe I can find it again

    It happened once since last reply, so I´d better check out what´s happening,

    And a handful of points coming right up...
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