Cant post with new system

I have recently built a system with the following specs

CPU - Q8200
Mobo - GA-EP45T-UD3R
GPU - HIS HD4870 1G
RAM - 4G Kingston DDR3 1333
Hard Drive - Sata Seagate 360G
PSU - Antec True Power 750W

Every hardware is install properly, but once i power the rig there would be no post on the monitor.

I hear the harddrive run as normal but no display on screen.

I press the reset button, then everything runs smoothly.

I am unsure if this is power problem or video compadability with the mobo.

I really appreciate any helps and thanks inadvance.
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  1. If you're saying cold boot causes no post, then I think you need to set up bios. 1st thing 1st, look up the hardcopy mobo manual for how to clear cmos. It's in the 1st install/assembly section. Just find the layout page. Then power up & reset, press DEL I think for BIOS, load default, save & exit, you should be ok.
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