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my memory stick is not working, please can you help? there's no flashing red light at all, I'm wondering if the memory stick is not making contact, is it a wise idea to open it up? thanks
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  1. Try to connect it in a different USB port. Also connect it to a different PC. Check if that works - thanks!!
  2. Thanks for your response its not working on any pc. I just tried other memory sticks and they are working fine. The memory stick is wobbly, i think its broken
  3. So maybe its time to buy a new USB Flash Drive!!!
  4. This is going to sound dumb, but i have very important documents i need to retrieve
  5. Connect your USB drive to PC and see if it appears in BIOS.
    Also check if it shows in Disk Management (Right Click on Computer >> Manage >> Disk Management)
  6. It didn't show in disc management. I've opened it up and used a slim diary to wedge it. It was a contact problem, the soldering is broken. I've managed to copy the file i need. Thanks for your help and response, cos I was almost going bunkers
  7. All is well that ends well. Good thing you got your files back!!!
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