Modern Warfare 2 issue?

I have a core2Duo E8400 3.0G with 2 Gb Ram and my VGA Card is Inno 3d nvidia 8400gs when i play MW2 no Russia Stage and i Skip that then my VGA is Closed the Game Anyone tell that what is this Problem
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  1. Try not skipping it...
  2. i try but game were shut down
  3. Your video card it probably struggling. A 8400gs is not a gaming card in the least. I hate to tell people go buy stuff, but if you are going to be a PC gamer, you need to have the hardware to sustain it. Your CPU is MORE than capable, but your video card is really just meant for desktop graphics, photo editing, and maybe a HTPC at the very most.

    A 4650/4670 is probably the lower card I could try gaming with in 2010.
  4. ^ I have seen many senerio's.

    1) Just aren't technically savvy and can plead ignorant. They buy a computer and ask the sales person if this will play games, and the response is "sure it will". Do you really think the best buy sales person is a pc guru? I've heard this SO many times.

    2)The card USED to play games when it first came out and just got buy. However, a year later it crashed on modern games.

    3)There are alot of young people that I've noticed come to this site and its a PC their parent's bought and it's all they have to work with. Or you are an adult and it's still all you have to work with and you try to uses it regardless. I wish companies would have more realistic minimum specs on games.

    The minimum specs on MW2 are "Graphics: 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT or better or ATI Radeon 1600XT or better" ARE THEY SMOKING CRACK? this is really shame for non technical people wanting to play the game. I would never try and play it with these cards.
  5. Geez,
    What a bunch of graphics card snobs. My cod 4 ran great on 7300 gt. Then i installed MW2 and the directx is totally messed up. Even in cod 4. Performance of video also depends on QUALITY SOFTWARE. MW2 is not there yet. They need major fixes to the graphics engine, cause the software is broken. I'll need a complete reinstall to fix the stuff MW2 broke.
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