My cpu temp in bios is showing as 60* c

my cpu temp in bios is showing as 60* c ...but when i touched the cpu core its real cool...i\'m not understanding ...wad is my cpu temp is really high .....can some tell me where is the temp sensor in the motherboard
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  1. try coretemp:

    in windows, it might be a motherboard bios issue - if it seems normal in windows then try and update the bios

    btw its not all that high, what type of mb cpu combo do you have, stock 930 i7 in an x58 can be between idle 49C and 78C Load but varies in each system
  2. see i;m using pemtium 4 processor 3.01 ghz atx motherboard(bio star) is it normal ...if the temp is 50 deg celcius
  3. yeah - thats pushing it - have you tried reapplying the thermal grease w/ heatsink (which are you using - stock?) also do you know if its the prescott - those things are hotter than the N
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