Suggestions/Comments on my i5-750 gaming rig

Hello Guys,

Here are the parts that I have come up with for my 15-750 gaming rig. Please let me know if you have other suggestions.
I am not sure also if the parts are compatible specially the memory and the motherboard.
I still have 150 - 200 USD for the gaming keyboard and mouse and CPU cooler if needed and other parts that I missed.
I am open to suggestions for a better components. Thank you in advance for the comments and suggestions

Processor Intel Core i5 750 BX80605I5750 Processor $195.00

PSU Corsair HX750W Power Supply $150.00

Casing COOLER MASTER Storm Sniper SGC-6000-KXN1-GP Black Steel $149.00

Hard Drive Western Digital Caviar Black WD6401AALS 640GB $75.00

Motherboard ASUS P7P55D-E Pro LGA 1156 Intel P55 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX $190.00

Graphics Card Asus EAH5770 Voltage Tweak $170.00

Memory Kingston HyperX 4GB Kit 1600MHz (KHX1600C8D3K2/4GX) $119.00

Optical Drive Asus DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS $27.00
Total $1,075.00
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  1. Should really be in the Homebuilt section...but nevertheless that's a very solid and capable looking gaming system!
  2. Only item i would look at changing is the HDD - the Samsung Spin Point F3 / 1gb would be a better choice performance wise.

    PSU is a little over the top - but if you plan adding other bits later then stick with it
  3. Thank you guys for your comments. Sorry i was on the wrong section.

    ulysses35 - I am not sure enough with PSU as well. will 650w be enough if I go Crossfire later on? I have an eye on CORSAIR CMPSU-650HX 650W .
  4. A good 650W PSU like the one you have in mind should be sufficient for 2 cards in Crossfire :)
  5. thank you moody89. This will save me around 20 dollars

    is the memory kit compatible with my mobo coz its not on the list of preferred kits but i am not sure if the list is updated?
    which of the two mobos above is best?
    suggestion please for a cpu cooler, or i dont need it for my setup?
  6. Get rid of the Kingston RAM. I have it in my PC and it is really bad. Instead, grab a G.Skill eco low voltage 1.5V 1600MHz CL7/CL8 RAM

    You don't need a 750W PSU. Get HX620/HX650 instead.

    Get Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P instead for more useful features at the same price.

    Rest parts are good!
  7. I love anything corsair, nice choice on the hx PSU.

    Are samsung drives better than caviar black?!?! I havent heard a lot about samsung drives but saw that the black had quite good preformance (I will be looking at getting one). Are the samsungs reliable? I have never liked samsung because of their early days of... well, crap.
  8. The Samsung SpinPoint F3 is probably the best mechanical hard drive out there - seriously quick. The 1TB model is nice and cheap too.

    So far you're not using anything that requires SATA III or USB 3 - do you really want those on your board? I'd save a few bucks and get the P7P55D motherboard - even with Crossfire GPUs there'll still be a free slot somewhere to put in a USB 3 add-on card at a later time.

    650W PSU is fine to Crossfire the 5770s - I only have 1 5770 in my Phenom II build and I'm running off a Corsair CX400 with no issues.
  9. Thank you guys for all the feedbacks.

    I am now considering all your suggestions specially the Samsung SpinPoint F3 and G.Skill eco low voltage 1.5V 1600MHz CL7/CL8 RAM and Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P.

    I am have in mind to keep this rig for 5 or maybe more years, so thats why I want some new features on my mobo. As for the mobo quality which one is best Gigabyte or Asus?

    I previously have an Asus for my core 2 duo setup for 3plus years and it is working perfectly until now. (though i sold it already to my friend)

    Do i need to have a cpu cooler on my setup?
  10. 1. I would stay with Werster Digital Caviar Black as the support service of WD is the best and 5 years warranty on BLACK instead of 3.

    2. Both Asus and Gigabyte are quality brand, so get the Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P which has more useful features than the P7P55D-E Pro at the same cost.

    3. An aftermarket cooler is always good, but you should be fine if you are not going to OC it. FYI, CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus is the best bang for the buck.
  11. Thank you andy5174 for your response.

    I'll into consideration your suggestions.

    In your opinion, will the price go down or will it continue to rise in a month or so?
    I have read some post regarding new gaming rigs and seems that the prices have gone up.
  12. The price of what?
  13. all pc parts. especially the ones i have selected and suggestions.
  14. Price of PC parts keep varying all the time, but they very stable in the U.S. COMPARED to Oceania. Most price variants in the U.S. are due to SPECIAL on/off.

    Other cases:
    - Products that are getting outdated also become cheaper.
    - High demand and short supply. e.g. ATI HD58xx series GFX
  15. Thank you andy5174.

    Its because i am thinking if i should purchase these parts now or wait a month or two and see if there are price drops.
  16. It's not a great idea for purchasing PC parts!


    LOL, the price will be much less a year after and even less 2 years later!
  17. :)

    Thanks a lot andy5174 for your quick responses.
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