PSU for HD 4870 Crossfire

Hello, just wondering if you guys can help me out with my computer.

I'm planning to crossfire my 4870. I wonder if my PSU will support it. The PSU is the OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W.

Here are the detailed specs:

Also, I was thinking if my other components will affect the required amount of power from the PSU. Here are the rest of my computer's hardwares:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
Motherboard: MSI 790FX-GD70
RAM: OCZ Obsidian 4Gb 240-pin DDR3
HD: Western Digital Caviar Black 750GB

Thank you very much and have a Merry Christmas.
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    I would say yes, but I wouldn't go crazy with any overclocking. Your 12V rails can give you 46A (552W/12V = 46A). I will give you a warning, I went down this path and had HUGE heat issues with dual 4870's. The top card would overheat and top out over 100C. I see you have (4) PCI-E x16 slots. In dual card config you get 16x+16x. If you have to use the top two slots to get this there is not much room for air to flow. However, if you can use the 3rd down slot, you will have less heat issues. Just a fair warning.

    But to answer your question, yes, the PSU should work. I just wouldn't put the additional load of Overclocking on it, or at least any crazy OCing. I am pretty conservative with my power, so to each his own. I just know what happens when you over work a PSU. Bad Bad things can happen.
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