How do i know if my graphic card is static?

I want to know if my graphic card has static damage because it doesnt seem to work. The fan spins round. Does it have static damage or how can i tell?

Thanks Chris
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  1. Static damage? I don't follow? As on you rubbed your feet on shag carpet in 0% humidity and put your finger to the card and created an arch that would jump Ironman's suit?

    Honestly it is hard to tell. Give us the whole story. Did it work and just stop working? Does it boot to the BIOS? What PSU do you have? etc, etc.
  2. Well got all the parts for my pc and started building it and then i put the graphic card in and when i turned my pc on it gave no output on my monitor, so i think its the graphics card.
  3. Can you give your entire system specs? Does the PC sound like it is powering on? It would be a multitude of things.
  4. Well, the front panel connectors are probably the easiest thing to get wrong, so I'd check if they are in the proper places
  5. - does the graphics card have a power connector? is this plugged in?
    - is the 4 or 8 pin CPU power plug plugged in? (I caught a few people with this already)
    - Does the motherboard have onboard graphics that need to be disabled first?
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