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So, as I was searching for the search button on the forum ( never found it by the way, that's why I'm posting )and I wondered myself " Hmm, which fans are the best for push/pull config ( 4 fans total ) ". I want as many airflow as possible as quiet as possible. I looked around on the internet, checking bench and reviews, but there's like so much fans XD. So the easiest way is, I guess, to ask to people who REALLY tested it.

So, for you, which fans has the most airflow and are the most quiet? ( like 40db is the max, less than 35 is PERFECT, knowing i'm gonna have 4 of them only on a rad... ).

Thanks, I love you guys.
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  1. The info you're looking for is in the WC Sticky. There are several fan tests:
  2. That's a good reference, but it's too bad it doesn't have one of the best "go-to" fans for water cooling, the Scythe Gentle Typhoon series.
  3. If you can find me a great review and testing vs. other reputable fans, I'll add it to the sticky.
  4. The last really good review I've seen is over a year old now, unfortunately, but I suppose the data should still hold up.
  5. Updated with those fan reviews. (I had seen them as well, but didn't have them handy when I was creating the sticky)
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    Good fans are expensive. Don't be surprise to see your total price of 4 good fans to be more than 60 bucks. They do have 3-4 times longer durability/life expectancy than the cheap sleeves bearing fans you can find for 5-6 bucks each. The review linked doesn't have the most uptodate fans, especially very good one such as Scythe Gentle Typhoon, Noctua or Cougar Vortex.

    If money is not a problem, the Scythe Gentle Typhoon is the best fan to get, they come with variable RPM from 600 to over 2000, air flow and noise of course will go up as you select the higher RPM fans. If you want noise level to be less than 30, 1850 RPM Gentle Typhoon should move a lot of air and is very quiet.

    Noctua fan is equally good and is equally expensive as the Gentle Typhoon, they just have the red brownish color.

    Cougar Vortex 12 is another very high quality 120mm fan, moves a lot of air (60-70 cfm at 1000 - 1200 RPM) and is extremely quiet (<20).

    These 3 fans are expensive (costs more than 16 bucks each, some can go as high as 18-19). Fortunately, newegg is having a sale on the Cougar Vortex fans atm. You can buy them for 9 bucks each instead of 15 bucks. If you are fast, you may be able to get some.

    Here are some links:

    Cougar Vortex 12HP with pulse modulation (allow for fan speed adjustment without a fan controller) $16.99 Apply promo code EMCNDHH63 (-$5.00) = $11.99
    Spec: HydroDynamic (Fluid) bearing, RPM 800-1500, Max Airflow: 70 CFM, Noise: 17.9 dB, 4 pin connector, Life Expectancy: 300,000 hours


    Cougar Vortex 12H without pulse modulation (need a fan controller of Asus motherboard Fax expert to adjust speed) $8.99
    Spec: HydroDynamic (Fluid) bearing, RPM 1200, Max Airflow: 60 CFM, Noise: 17.7 dB, 3 pin connector, Life Expectancy: 300,000 hours

    Orange color:
    Black color: $9.99

    Not on sale:

    Noctua NFP12 $26.99
    Spec: SSO (Self Stabilizing Oil) Pressure Bearing, RPM: 1300, max Airflow: 54.6 CFM, Noise: 19.8 dB, 3 pin connector, Life expectancy: Not listed

    Scythe Gentle Typhoon $18.84

    Spec: Ball Bearing, RPM: 1850rpm, Noise: 28dba, Max Air Flow 58.3cfm
  7. I ended up buying a couple Scythe S-FLEX Fluid Dynamic Bearing 120mm fans a while back and they're also very good, very quiet.

    I also bought a pair of CM Sickle Flow fans - very cheap ones. They make ticking noises. So annoying. That's what happens when you go cheap.
  8. I currently run the cheapo Cooler Master fans (the ones you get for 4-for-$10 on Amazon) and they actually work decently. I have no idea on the specs but they apparently aren't that bad.

    I liked my CM Sickleflows (got the green ones!); they ran well and were pretty strong IMO. I wonder if you just got a bad batch or something.
  9. I found performance wise they are good, but in vertical position they would tick a little. Wasn't loud, but as intake fans sitting on the desk near my I definitely would hear it.

    However, I took them out and just as a test flipped them horizontal, and the sound went away. So... yeah. I don't know. I still use them but the case is on the floor and I don't hear it anymore.
  10. finished by buying those cougar fans, THANKS GUYS YOU ARE GREAT W00T :bounce:

    Super duper uber community !!!!

    ( I hate orange color... )
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