Antec TP-750

This seems like a good PSU from what I've read. Is there a better PSU out there for $100 or less right now? Will it work well with my build? The PSU I have listed was on sale for like $75 then jumped up to $160 after the sale ended, so now I need to find a new one. Here is my build...

And here is a link to the TP-750

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    I was going to tell you to get the Truepower New instead of the older Truepower. When I clicked on your link I saw that is what your getting. It will certainly work with your build. It will also work if you decided to add a second 5770 for Crossfire mode.
  2. Great thanks! I will in fact add another 5770 down the line when I see a drop in performance from the single card.
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