Stuck at Verifying DMI pool data

So my PC has been running fine for the past 2-3 years no issues. All of a sudden today, I go to reboot and start up and my pc gets past posting and sticks on "Verifying DMI pool data" then "booting from CD"

There is no disc in the CD drive. I have tried switching the boot order up tried loading from both my hard drives.

Windows 7 x64
mb: evga nvidia 680i
processor: e6600
ram: 2x gskill 2gig and 2x 1gig corsair
video card: nvidia 7900gtx

I had rebooted fine all day and not had a issue, I did install new nvidia graphics drivers prior to this... But this definitely seems to be a hardware issue not a software issue.

I have tried clearing the CMOS in every fashion possible. When I do it boots up goes to "Verifying DMI pool data...... update success"

which i'm assuming means the CMOS was cleared. Then just hangs there. I have tried resetting bios to default setting. I have unplugged and plug back in both my hd's as well as my ram.

Any suggestions?
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  1. jsc said:

    Mate this will not are talking about something else..

    This is the solution worked for me :)
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