Thermaltake Level 10

Hey! Has anyone been lucky (and deep-pocketed) enough to shell out $850 for the Thermaltake Level 10 case. It looks incredible. What do you guys think?

You know, I never got why people would spend $85,000 on a BMW, when a $20k Subaru works fine. Now I understand.

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  1. The L10's design is not that great. The only thing its got going for it is the unique design that separates all the components. They should have used all Aluminum. Where is your water cooling going to go? They should have used grommets to cover up all those cable management holes like the Corsair case or the Silverstone Fortress 2 case. For $850, i'm not that impressed. BMW does not know how to make cases. They should stick to making cars. I've never been a fan of Thermaltake products. They've always lacked quality in their products.

    Now the Silverstone Fortress 2 and Raven 2 has a really good revolutionary design, and it costs 1/3 of the L10.
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