CPU is at 98-100%

I am not sure of the make with the parts I built it back in '08, but I am running on windows xp home. is they're any way to lower it details please.
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  1. What are you doing when its running at 100%? Pull up task manager, go into the performance tab and see what is using the CPU the most.

    Also run some virus scans just to be sure.
  2. Nothing, just online And I have Norton along with other firewalls. system idle process and btdna.exe are taking the most.
  3. system idle isnt a legitimate process, it just tells you what percentage of time your CPU is idle, you want that to be near 100% if you arent doing anything.

    btdna.exe is a torrenting program. If you dont torrent then it shouldnt be running, check in add/remove programs in control panel and see if you can remove it.
  4. BTDNA is a bit torrent client. If you are not downloading or file sharing you can remove it fron the controll panel/add remove programs
    System idle process is the unused processor cycles. if it reads 90 or 99 that is a good thing.
    I would worry about the btdna.
  5. Oh well that helps some what and are there any things that can be closed for optimization?just anything unneeded in windows?
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