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I'm using a program from Paragon called Migrate OS to SSD to get my OS onto my new SSD, I don't know if anyone here has experience with this program but I figured I'd ask.

I was trying to migrate my OS partition (F:\) to my new SSD drive (L:\) but am getting this error message after I select which hard drive I want the OS moved to.

No free space (can't create partition of requested size) (error code: 0x10003)

The OS (Windows 7 64 bit) partition is 195 GB but only about 90 GB of it is being used. The SSD drive is a 160GB drive with 148 Gigs free (nothing is on it, that's just all that is available). The Hard drive the OS is on is a 1 TB hard drive with 2 other partitions on it (one of the other partitions has Windows Vista on it, however I rarely use Vista anymore, though that partition has a lot of programs on it that I do use).

One thing I did try was selecting a 1TB external hard drive as the target hard drive (which at the moment has very little on it) and that didn't come up with an error message, it said it would take up about 16% of the hard drive, and the copy button was no longer grayed out like it was before. I've heard people mentioning hidden partitions that can cause issues like this, so part of me thinks it may have something to do with the windows vista partition (which was installed before Windows 7). Though the fact that my external hard drive has no errors come up but my SSD does makes me wonder if maybe there is a setting on the SSD I need to change.

Any thoughts as to how I can fix this? Thanks for your help!
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  1. I suggest that you shrink the OS partition to under 160 GB. The transfer tool should then see that it's moving a 150 GB (say) partition to a 160 GB device and be happy.

    Two points. One, how on Earth did you set up your OS partition to be the F drive? Second, even though I am aware of such tools, I recommend a fresh install to the SSD while all other drives are electrically disconnected from their controllers.


    EDIT: I checked. It's "Gluteus maximus;" you left out the "e." Does that make me a wise a**?
  2. Do you know of way to shrink the partition besides through disk management in windows? I did try to shrink it in there, but it only let me shrink it by 8MB, not sure why that is.

    As for the F drive I honestly can't remember why it ended up being that way, I think it had something to do with how I installed Windows 7 (since it's a dual boot with vista). Honestly, I should've just gotten rid of vista and had the hard drive at just 2 partitions, but I wanted to have a backup OS I guess. I am considering a fresh install on the SSD if I can't get this working, I have read that it is better to do it that way overall, I just have so many programs and games I'd have to reinstall, so that's why I'm a bit hesitant to do that.

    lol yeah I came up with this SN back when I was like 14 and thought it was funny (It means butt muscle!), but never realized till years later that it was mispelled.
  3. Dunno why it won't let you shrink it. May very well be that an unmoveable file is out near the end, like the pagefile. If you have good backups, for recovery in case you destroy the drive, you might try a tool like EASEUS Partition Manager or any of a dozen others that do this kind of thing.

    Of course, one reason it might not let you reduce the size is that: the partition is full!
  4. Sounds like it is probably a good idea to do a fresh install. I used a program called Acronis and it worked great! There is WD edition if you have a Western Digital drive, which is free.
  5. a freeware: AOMEI Partition Assistant 5.0 provdes the feature to migrate OS to SSD/HDD. here migration steps: http://www.disk-partition.com/help/migrate-system-wizard.html
  6. to most common users if you only want to migrate your system partition to SSD, Partition Assistant 5.0 would be enough, becasue it is free, however if you want to do some professional migration, Paragon Migrate tool is better, but you need to purchase.
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