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I've received good help here before on a build and will be giving feedback on it shortly, but a few friends and I are just curious about something. Can someone give me an ENTIRE 'outline' of a computer? Like a form to fill out, for example:


BUT, I want EVERYTHING you can possibly do. As an example, I've recently learned you can have a dedicated graphics card chipset something or another? I saw it on some build somewhere - they had a really powerful card in SLI, and then a 260 for a specific purpose to take some of the load off of those or something or another. I really don't know, it just made me curious about what all I'm missing out on dreaming about haha. You don't see this in every build, y'know...

I hope there's more I don't know about. I'm stupidly curious about something else, too: where can I view/research supercomputer type of stuff? I'm SURE there has to be a CPU around somewhere for very special usage only, like a super-secret government agency for calculating some complex math type of thing, that would blow the 975 out of the water.

Oh, and I'd also like some help understanding dual+ CPUs, or a link to an article about it if you don't mind. I've seen people refer to multiple quadcore Intel Xeons in a single build for an octocore (<-?) set up. Are there special motherboards/other requirements? What's the most cores you could get up to? Et cetera...

Thanks for reading and hopefully humoring the little boy wannabe-genius in my heart. :p
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  1. Just read the stickies in the forum about building a PC, then move on to articles on this website. There are a lot of different ways select parts and build a computer. You will find this info in the articles. IF you are not sure about some of the terminology, go to a wikipedia pages and read about it.

    As far as super secret government processors, I doubt it. They have supercomputers that contain thousands of processors that you can order and have in your home if you want to pay for it. What we now use in our computers would have been considered a supercomputer just 15 years ago. You have a whole world of research ahead of you. It all started with me overclocking a pentuim 75 to 100 before there were fans cooling cpu's. Now its my job. Have fun.
  2. Last year I built a gaming pc by:

    1. Buying and going through a book/video called "Build a PC" by Scott Mueller. (Very good starting point)

    2. Doing some online research into gaming pc's and what they were loaded up with.

    3. Going to a PC store and talking with the reps until I was satisfied with their recommendations.

    They then in a sense came up with a "form" that showed all I needed and the cost.

    YouTube videos can also help with ideas and how to's.

    Btw: The graphics setup you referred to is probably an Nvidia GTX 260 used as a PhysX processor to take the load off the SLI graphics cards. But that would be quite a bit of overkill for PhysX unless it is a spare GPU that is not needed elsewhere.
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