Speedfan doesn't detect my motherboard/fans

So i just bought a new fan for my case, but its stuck on full speed and is extremely loud. I want to be able to control it with software such as speed fan, but I'm having the hardest time getting speedfan to work. I've watched atleast 10 tutorials on youtube on how to set up speedfan and google ins't giving me luck with troubleshooting the problem either.

Here's my problem:

At first, i figured out how to control my CPU fan (CM hyper 212). I went to the advanced tab in the configure menu and found what i believe was my motherboard, which is a Z77 Sabertooth, listed as Winbound something something (i forgot exactly)... But anyway, I set the fans to manual. It let me control my cpu fan, but my two other 3-pin fans plugged into the motherboard showed as 0 RPM and were unresponsive to the speed controls in speedfan. I wasn't too bothered though. However, this morning I turned on my computer and found that Speedfan no longer even sees my motherboard. The Winbound entry is no longer present in the Advanced tab, and none of the fans are present under the fan tab. I've rebooted my computer a couple times and also tried reinstalling Speedfan, but no success. Do you guys have any ideas what could be causing this?

EDIT: One thing i forgot to add. Speedfan doesnt correctly display my CPU temps. I have an i7-3770k overclocked to 4.5 GHz. For the CPU temps, it shows around 6-10 degrees Celsius for all cores at idle. It will go up to about 60 degrees under load when the actual temps are about 80 according to other software. Ill include some screenshots to possibly make it easier to recognize the problem. http://imgur.com/a/smQuP
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  1. i have proplem just like u but speed fan donot read GPU temp
    idk why
    if u can help me plz tell me
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