Gigabyte UD9 + Thermaltake LCS VE2000BWS

I am about to buy both of these and was wondering if the board will fit the case? On Thermaltake's website the LCS listed that it can handle EATX, but upon some research, XL-ATX is much longer in height than EATX boards. Even if it does fit, will i be able to maximize the use of the boards (having all quad SLI for example).

I have forwarded the question to Thermaltake and Gigabyte and it has been well over a week with no answer so this is why I am asking the community.

Thanks for your time!
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  1. Dammit! They have an 'approved case vender' (sic) list here, but it's not the right one! I've seen a different one, and it had a lot more manufacturers and parts... Will keep hunting - at worst, I'm pretty sure I scribbled down a lot of 'em, and must be in the ungodly deep pile of paper scraps on my desk! To me, the best looking option was the CoolerMaster HAF, but I'm positive some other TT's were on it as well...
  2. AhHA! found it (but not the file or reference, yet...

    LianLi PC-P80
    LianLi PC-P80R
    HEC 98R9BB
    ThermalTake Xaser VI VG4000 SNA
    ThermalTake Xaser VI VG4000 BWS
    ThermalTake Xaser VI VG4000 BNS
    ThermalTake ArmorPlus VH6000 BWS
    Mountain Mods Acension w/modular tray 10PCI slot
    XigmaTek CPC T45UB-U01
    CoolerMaster HAF...
  3. Yeah, I saw that list from Gigabyte's website but I believe those are are the ones that are 100%. I am sure there are others out there not on that list. Only reason I'm asking about the LCS is because I can get it for 30 dollars off a friend.

    In any case, if it can't.. it can't. Thanks bilbat.
  4. Only other thing I can tell 'ya is - if it is listed to take EATX, the width will be plenty, as EATX is wider still, by 68mm; and it needs at least nine slots, if you want a bottom slot, dual-width vidcard, as the slots are 'shifted' by one - where the first slot in a normal board would be, the 'Hybrid Silent-Pipe' thingy sits, then the seven slots, and then you need an extra 'bottom' for the backplate of a dual card... I haven't yet 'scaled out' the mounting holes - you may still wind up 'a-drillin' yer' own!
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