15.6" LCD monitor and Full HD (1920 x 1080)

Is there any problem with this pair ?...15.6" monitor and full hd(1920 x 1080) or cant we make the full use of complete hd using a 15.6" lcd monitor?.The maximum resolution that can be used in an lcd is limited by the monitor size?.To make use of the above pair what change needed (using graphics card or somthing else) if requires?..
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  1. Resolution=pixels on LCD. Resolution is limited by size of monitor but not that much. 15.6 at 1920x1080 is fully possible as shown by the HP Envy and several other laptops.
  2. It's possible, but it's not going to look pretty.

    You're gonna have a lot of detail crammed into a small space, and you won't even be able to noticeable tell the difference because of that...which destroys the purpose of having a high def monitor in the first place.

    That's why most monitors that are ~15inches only support 1024x768
  3. I have seen that resolution for a laptop monitor. I think it must be hard to read text at that resolution and size.
  4. Your not going to notice a difference in image quality on a monitor that size. You need at least a 24 inch monitor to notice 1080P quality unless you sit 2 inches away.
  5. *Thax everyone...then y the hell there is a pixel rate of for a " monitor?...heheh :non:
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