Tesla to be downsized/neutered?


Generic SKU reference
Tesla T20 GPU
Package size GPU
42.5 mm x 42.5 mm
Processor clock
1.25 GHz to 1.4 GHz
Memory clock
1.8 GHz to 2.0 GHz
Memory size
3 GB (Tesla C2050) 6 GB (Tesla C2070)
Memory I/O
384-bit GDDR5
Memory configuration
24 pcs 32M × 32 GDDR5 SDRAM (Tesla C2050) 24 pcs 64M × 32 GDDR5 SDRAM (Tesla C2070)
External connectors
Single port, dual-link DVI-I
Internal connectors and headers
8-pin PCI Express power connector 6-pin PCI Express power connector 4-pin fan connector
Board power
< = 225 W
Thermal cooling solution
Custom active fan sink

So it appears itll be 448 and not 512, and its TDP/power seems high as well.
Wonder how this will translate for GF300?
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  1. Odd that no one has anything to say on this subject, jaydee. I thought this was an interesting subject, though the information itself is not surprising. I guess you should have put a few exclamation marks and perhaps a few question marks as well into the thread title to inspire a more emotive response.
    I guess the whole "Just the facts, ma'am" presentation doesn't fly these days.
  2. We have no idea what to expect from fermi. It's a completely different breed of video cards so who knows what effect the downsizing will have. I think everyone is just waiting to see what kind of benchmarks it can produce when and if an actual product ever materializes.
  3. Its looking like theyre having a tough time with their clocks as well, and the bigger Tesla will be few.
    This could translate to GF300 as well, like the 280s, their RMA rates, their low ocing compared to the 260 etc.
    At this point, its looking hot, power hungry, with low ocing abilities
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