Help with overclocking my FX 4170

So I have my 4170 overclocked to 4500 Mhz with it's stock HSF. I ran OCCT for about 10-15 min and the temps maxed out at 56C. i have <> shipped and on its way.

Right now i just need some questions answered for assurance

First, is this overclock safe for when i play BF3 and D3 while on this stock HSF?

Secondly, what kind of improvements can i expect with this new HSF, as far as improved overclocking ability? (unless you urgently believe my purchase a mistake, don't recommend otherwise refunding my purchase)

This is the first time i OC'd a system, so take it easy on me.

Also, after overclocking from stock to 4500 Mhz, i saw great improvements in my games' framerates. Is this normal? Does overclocking the CPU open up bottlenecks on the GPU?

Sorry, this is a loaded question; i don't mind if you answer piece by piece.

FX 4170
Sapphire 6870 1 GB
Gigabyte 990 XA-UD3
16 GB Patriot 2 Memory @ 1333
Corsair Enthusiast Series 850W
OCZ Agility 3 60GB

Thank you
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  1. I wouldn't overclock any of the FX series CPU'S with a stock heatsink and fan.
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