I7 930 is Out in US

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  1. Nice find Jack. Now is the only difference 200 MHz, or is there some other incentive to spend the extra $10?
  2. I just ordered one. Was going to get a i7 920 (had a ASUS P6T Deluxe MB laying around that I got on a warranty return). For an extra $10 over the i7 920 it goes from 2.66mgz to 2.8.

    Going to put it in an Antec 1200 case, with a Corsair H50 cooler, 6 GB of GSkill 1600, and an ANTEC CP-850 850W PSE, and an ATI 5870 GPU. Should be a pretty solid system
  3. AMW1011 said:
    Now is the only difference 200 MHz, or is there some other incentive to spend the extra $10?

    Yes, apparently the 930 is replacing the 920.
  4. 21

    4.2GHz with a 200Mhz BCLK just seems too good to be true though
  5. base multiplier is 21, turbo boosts it to 22
  6. Quote:
    What multi does it have? 21? 21.5?

    I just ran Wprime after seeing the 4Ghz Number from the 930.

    930 : 218.7 Seconds
    X4 @ 4.1Ghz : 306.8 Seconds

    Hyperthreading > Amd

    Stick with real world tests and results Psycho, hyperthreading only helps when you are running multiple multi-threaded apps as 4 Cores with 8 threads is no faster than 4 core with 4 threads with an app that uses all of the CPU's resources.
  7. It's 45nm, right?
  8. It is 45nm. It is basically a 920 with a guaranteed DO stepping with the multi one notch higher. That is all. The price is a little higher then 920 simply because it is new item. The 930 is basically out to replace the 920.
  9. I just bought a i7 920 two weeks ago from Micro Center for $200, they now have the 930 for $250. They will let me trade in my unopened CPU, should I go for the 930 for $50 or stay with the 920?

  10. Not worth an extra $50 IMO.
  11. I'll wait for the 32 nm die shrink.
  12. Personally, if you're looking at overclocking then I'd stick with the 920 until stocks are gone and the 930 officially takes over.

    If you're not overclocking then the slight speed boost may be worthwhile, but not at a $50 premium (it's £20 over here), and to be honest minor overclocking is so easy on the i7s you might as well just get the 920 and tap up the BCLK a touch to match the 930.

    If you've already bought a 920 then stick with it.
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