Important to have matching HDDs with RAID setup?

Are there benefits to having matching HDD for a RAID setup? I'm currently using an Intel 510 SSD, and debating staying with Intel or going with Crucial, but it's an easy decision if their is a benefit to having matching disk drives.
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    You can mix drive speeds and types with RAID if you want to. Most RAID controllers will ignore any excess space on the larger drive (ie, if you put a 320GB drive and a 300GB drive into a RAID set then 20GB of the 320GB drive will be unused). Performance will be a compromise between the slower and faster of the two drives.
  2. all drives in a RAID should be identical drives. putting dissimilar drives together in a RAID will work but is never suggested.
    the slowest and/or smallest drives will hold everything back, hindering the RAID's performance and/or logical drive size.

    combining a 1TB and a 3TB into a RAID 0 or 1 will essentially waste 2TB of the 3TB . combining a SSD and HDD into a RAID of any kind will essentially waste the SSD's speeds.
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