Windows xp hangs at logo screen fresh OS install

I purchased an HP ze5470us that had unknown problems for a troubleshooting/repair course. I first learned it had a HDD that was not OEM equipment and it was bad. I replaced that with a compatible drive(EIDE) of the appropriate size and attempted to load Windows XP Home. This proceeded without a hiccup. Then I noticed that the wireless card didn't seem to be getting power. The wifi button had no effect, neither did trying to open Wireless Assistant (it wouldn't open). Then I got an "NTLDR missing" error.I have tried changing settings in BIOS with no effect so I set Bios to default settings.
NOW I reluctantly approach the laptop, turn it on it starts to load XP :D then stops after three cycles of the progress bar :cry:
What the Heck?........Over?
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