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Bought the guts of a system from a guy on a different forum. Parts arrived ok, finally tried to power it on tonight. He told me is was a P4 @ 2.26 (I think, but it was around there. Might have been 2.3 something) and had it overclocked to 3.2. I did the math when he told me this, and he did this by moving the FSB from 133 to around 200, with a 17x multiplier.

The problem is I was forced to reset the bios to get it to post. It works, but its reported as a P4 @ 1.7, not the 2.26 he said it was. This doesn't make any sense however, as the only 1.7GHz P4s I know of are the willy P4s and those are S423. This is running on the Abit IT7 Max 2, and thats S478. The case I was going to put this in is to small, and I don't have a system disk to use on this at the moment so I can't use CPUz. I can look for a working IDE drive. Open to ideas here, mostly looking if someone can tell me if there ever was a S478 1.7GHz P4. The multiplier is right so I'm not sure whats going on.
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    When you reset the BIOS it may have reset the system clock to 100MHz. Try going into the BIOS and upping it to 133MHz.
    note: there is a 1.7 GHz P4 (Williamette) that was a 478. To see what you have, you can look at the post and if it tells you the cache size, the Williamette is 256K whereas a Northwood is 512K.
  2. Next time I'm in the bios I'll see if I can figure out what size the cache is.

    I forgot that when it first powered on, it said it was a 1.7GHz P4, but was currently running at 800MHz. 100x8. The bios has a softcell III menu, where you can change your speed. I simply changed it to 100x17 which would match the 1.7 that the chip claims to be. I can select many other options. As my title says, just trying to figure out what I have. I knew I was going to end up OCing this chip, but I thought I was starting a bit higher then I am.
  3. Looking at the mobo specs, it seems very plausible that what you have is just a 1.7 GHz Williamette (though we won't know for sure without knowing the cache) just based on the cpus out when the board was released. Let us know what it is when you find out.
  4. How many willys are on the S478 bus? I thought they were all S423?
  5. Looks like there were S478 versions of nearly every Williamette
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