CPU RPM very low

Hey guys i was wondering if there is anyway i could increase the RPM on my CPU. I have a AMD dual core 6000+ running at 3.1 Ghz. The RPM is only at 700-800??! WTF?! My motherboard is a ASUS M3N78-VM.
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  1. Well I'll be a dirty grease-monkey.. You must be the first guy in the world to get his hands on a spinning CPU!

    Please clarify what RPM is supposed to mean in this context. CPU fan speed?
  2. lol...

    RPM = rotations per minute, aka how fast something spins

    A spinning CPU? Microprocessors don't spin.

    The only thing in your computer that spins are the fans.
  3. Wow - your CPU is spinning?

    (On a more serious note, do you mean fan speed?)
  4. Lol... Refer to Overshocked's guide...:)

    BTW You can change option from BIOS...There is one which allows fan speed to be maximum all the time.
  5. Check your mobo BIOS to see if there is a CPU fan quiet mode or CPU fan profile, then disable it. It should make your CPU fan run as fast as it can. Sorry I mean spin as fast as it can. Don't want to confuse anyone here, lol.
  6. Now my head is spinning... :-)
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