Asus Maximus III Formula ram recommendation

Hello to everyone here at the forums!!! :hello:

I'll be placing an order for an Asus Maximus III Formula in 2 days time but I can't seem to get my head straight with the HUGE choice of ram manufacturers.

I am open to any suggestions but provided they are the best rams out there for the price. The rig will have an i5-750S proc and will be used for gaming/rendering/CAD/Photoshop work.

Don't worry about the budget! :sol:

Thanks for any help!
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    My recommendations would look to get two sets of either one of these RAM's. The Cas6 timings will help out a lot with your applications and you want 8GB for CAD, rendering and Photoshop work... IMO
  2. theres a lil problem, i cant find it on sites that ship to UK :S any ideas apart from newegg ?
  3. what about OCZ's?
  4. OCZ's have been having some issues as of late, so I won't recommend them. :(
  5. hmmm.....ok but i'm still looking through other sites that i can come across. Hopefully, any more suggestions from you and the people here?
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