P5Q3 + E7500

Hi all!!
Finally got into my hands a P5Q3 deluxe m/b and installed a c2d E7500 on it!
After several overclocking scenarios, didn't manage to pass 375fsb x 11 ratio, every attempt over this just couldn't boot into windows, either xp (bsod) or win 7 (auto restart)
Pc was switching on even at 400 x 11 showing the correct speed (ghz) into bios but wouldn't boot into windows!!
I've tried a different vga card, no luck! My psu is 550w and only devices in the pc is a dvd-r and the ssd, nothing more!!
Any ideas or maybe better people with similar setup to help??

I've also tried a little bit of overvoltage for ram and cpu with no luck again!!
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  1. DDR I use is Kingston DDR3/1333
  2. Today in the morning I've tried all multipliers with fsb 400 mhz!! All went well until 10.5 came in...again machine booted up normally till first screen and then BSOD!!
  3. Just got an E8400 in my hands just to test...it seems more overcloackable although it's a 1333 fsb (whereas E7500 is 1066)!
    With everything on Auto in Bios except Multi (9.0) and FSB at 500 I had easily 4.5ghz enjoyable!!
    Same thing as with the E7500 here with this cpu started to happen at 510 x 9.0, played a little with voltages (cpu and ram) but nothing successfull!!
    Waiting for your inputs
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