Need Help with High End Gaming and 3D Modeling/Animation System

Hey guys, I need help choosing a system that will meet my needs.

This is what I use my PC for:
-Heavy gaming
-Heavy use of digital art programs (3D modeling/animation with Autodesk Maya, and 2D arts with Photoshop CS4, Architectural design with Revit and AutoCAD), and lower-end art programs.
-Lots of multitasking. I want to be able to encode a video in the background while chatting on MSN while using Maya to render animations and etc.
-Everyday browsing and typical needs.

My budget is 1500$-1800$.

Here are the parts that I'm considering getting:

i7 920 D0 stepping for sure. It will help a lot for rendering in Maya, so please don't tell me to get an i5 750 or an i7 860 because I already made my mind up.

I honestly don't know. I was thinking the new Asus P6X58D Premium but everyone tells me that it's pointless. I plan to overclock my i7 920 too.

6GB of RAM is needed, but I'm not sure which kit I should get.

Coolermaster HAF 932. I read many reviews saying that it's one of the most spacious and well ventilated cases out there.

Power Supply:
I don't know much about power supplies, but I think that I would need a 850W power supply for my parts. There are many 850W PSU, please suggest a good one to get.

Hard Drive:
1 TB Western HD, no trouble here.

Optical Drive:
Typical LG 24X DVD Drive with Lightscribe.

Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium.

Video Card:
ATI Radeon HD 5850 is a great card for my needs. I can't afford to add in a workstation graphics card unfortunately.

CPU Cooler:
I'm getting a free liquid cooling CPU, so I'm set for overclocking as long as my motherboard is good.

So yeah, I need help with choosing the right RAM, motherboard, and power supply. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Oh and I almost forgot...I prefer the parts on Newegg or NCIX.
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  1. I'm going to bed, otherwise I would try to help with all of your Q's.

    A good quality 650 watt psu is plenty if you are running 1 of those cards. If you are going crossfire then then a good 750 watt or higher would be needed. Corsair, Antec or PC Power & Cooling are some of the top preferred psu's among enthusiasts. You could actually run less than a 650 watt psu with a singe card if its a good one, I prefer to go a little overboard if the price is right.

    I will leave the other advice for the other guys here... ;)
  2. @Hyperfluxe you might want to wait till mid JAN as intel will be launching the i7 930(Replacing the 920)...
    And by that time, you can expect newer mobos with SATA 6GB/s support and USB 3.0 for less...
    RAM - For your usage, the more the better - So I would suggest you get 12GB kits...So rather than investing in a cost mobo, invest in more RAM...
    Preferrably -
    DDR3 1600MHz - CAS 8 or lower
    DDR3 1333MHz - CAS 7 or lower

    HDD - If you were planning for WD Black 1TB then its fine...but check out even the Samsung F3 has very good performance and at a good price...

    CASE - Save money going with HAF 922 - HAF 932's small bro...

    PSU - If you are planning to add one more HD 5850 later, then Corsair 750TX(Actually a 650W would do but most of them dont have the required power connectors)
  3. Go for the Samsung hard drive, its a better warranty than the WD and as gkay09 said the reviews are good. I have never had a WD drive to fail under warranty. Usually thats a good thing but not when its 3 months afterwards.
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