Picked up an OCZ Vertex 3 and have some questions

I've never messed with SSDs before. The whole concept of IDE-AHCI-RAID confuses me. I plan on using the SSD as a boot drive for windows 7 with a few games installed. I have a 500gb HDD to install all of the other games on. What kind of settings do I need to change? I understand what raid is, but do I need to hook up the two in RAID? Also, will the games work correctly if they are installed on the HDD when windows is on the SSD? Also, I have two 6 gb/s Sata ports but when I look in the bios, it says one is the "slave" port? As you have probably guessed, I don't know too much about storage.
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  1. Enter the bios and set the sata mode to AHCI. Plug the SSD into the lowest numbered Sata III port (either 0 or 1 if there is no 0). Then install windows to your SSD (remove the HDD until after the SSD is installed).

    That is all you need to do. You can run games and programs off of the HDD, but you have to manually point them to the HDD when you install them since they will default to the system drive.

    There are other things you can do for the SSD like disabling superfetch, defrag, pagefile, and system restore. All of those features use up space on your SSD (except defrag). Defragging a SSD isn't needed because they don't work like HDDs. You can move the pagefile to your HDD if you still need it. Also, you can do manual backups of the system drive to the HDD.
  2. make sure C1~c6 status are disabled.
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