No drivers found (GTS 250)


I've just bought a new computer with graphic card Nvidia geforce GTS 250. I've tried to install drivers but there was the same errors like in that case:

I've carefully looked over the entire card and I saw that 6 pin power connector has this kind of decline:
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  1. Is that a reason why computer can't detect my graphic card?
  2. thx for help guys! : )
  3. Sorry for my english.

    I bought prebuilt computer WITH GTS 250 but of course I have to istall it by myself.

    Firstly i tried drivers from CD, then those from internet (direct to GTS 250)

    Have no idea what question "Which driver revision is it? means - Can you explain it?

    Still is that 6 pin power connector OK?
  4. GeForce/ION Driver Release 195
  5. then i've got the latest drivers. But it's still not working. I will try to connect entire card to second slot (this one which is lower)
  6. Thank you for your help. I'm sooo angry. I was waiting for this computer like a month, I prepared the latest CoD etc. and now such a dissapoiment... I will buy this cable tomorrow and we will see :)
  7. i don't know if it's important but there are 6 cables going to this connector, but two goes to one pin...
  8. The GTS 250 comes with the adapter that you need. Not sure why you are going to order it...
  9. Well I thought that connector was off of your PSU and not the adapter itself...Anyways that adapter is dirt cheap...

    Molex to 6pin power adapter
  10. Do you find mine broken?
  11. Yea that connector that you posted is done. You need a new one...
  12. that is soo sick. I ordered computer that's working. not broken one. I will call tomorrow to that company and... :)
  13. What PSU does the OP have?
  14. Bought new conector. Still nothing. Any ideas?
  15. and I will get it back in like month because of Christmas.... :(
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