First build for Gaming&Video editing. All help appreciated.

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More about first build gaming video editing appreciated
  1. Well that $375 AR for your chip + mobo + rams - this combo is $334 AR and still CFable (if that is your wish)
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. :)
    Would the ram you posted in that combo be more suitable for the mobo and chip that I have posted, speed and stability wise?

    Also, I plan on using the computer for Image&Video&Web creation/ well as some (mostly >_>) gaming.
  3. Bamp.

    Judging by the lack of replies I assume everything is in order?

    Will I be able to maintain a constant 250/333fps in cod4 with a set up like this?
  4. According to this review:, no, altho that is with 4x AA, so maybe if you turn AA down it might. If any card can get that high it would have to be the ridiculously expensive 5970. Which is unnecessary to buy for 2 reasons, the first being price, the second being that you can put more than one graphics card onto that mobo. And 750W from Corsair will be able to handle it.
    Everything is in order, altho I wonder why you're getting that 160GB Seagate 7200.11, which is from a 'bad' generation of Seagate drives.
    And I think you would need to buy another SATA cable to get 2 HDDs and a DVD drive connected.
    The motherboard will have onboard sound and network, so you don't strictly need either of those cards, maybe you have a specific reason for buying them, in which case, fair enough.
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