Next generation of ATI cards?

I was going to buy a ATI 5850 card, but I've heard that the next generation ones are coming out in January. I was wondering if there is any truth to this rumor. If it is true, does anybody know if that means a better card in the $300 price range will be available, or will it be more like the 5970 and in the $600+ price range?

End goal is that I'm trying to figure out if I should buy now or wait a month or two for something better at the same price. Thanks in advance!
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  1. ehm no,I think it's optimistic Nvidia fanboys, that think they might have some cards by Januari.
    Nobody is expecting it except those guys ^^
  2. ATI has just basically just fully released its entire Graphics line for this generation. (5xxxx series)

    Nvida on the other hand won't be releasing their new generation of graphic cards till Jan or later . (However its all rumors) In all honesty the higher end card is looking to be highly expensive like most of Nvidias Flagships (im guessing 500-600dollar range) But again its all rumors and NO TRUE ACTUALLY FACTS FROM NIVIDA EXISTS.

    That being said most likely the next ATI generation card won't be announced till im guessing Minimum of 6 months. Honest guess would be around Late Q3 Q4 of 2010.


    That being said waiting is probably the best bet. While either you may or may not care as to who has the better graphics card the end result will be competition for ATIs 5xxxx series and hopefully will bring the price down.
  3. ATI has released it's mid, high, and dual GPU cards. January they are leasing their lower end 5xxx series cards.

    For example the 4670 currently does not have a replacement. January the 5670 will be released. I believe there is a 5350 and 5570 as well.
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