Unable to see a partition while installing windows xp

I have windows 7 in my system, but i want install windows XP in parallel with windows 7 (Windows 7 and XP as dual boot). I have created a new partition using disk management with NTFS. But when i try to install XP after accepting license, i am unable to see the partition, even i am unable to see the unallocated space after i free the space in disk management. i have also checked in bios , it is marked as ATA , i am installing both Operating Systems in a single HDD. Please help.
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  1. If you have a GUID Partition Table (GPT) then you must use Windows XP 64 bit. Alternatively you can simply install your XP 32bit in a VM.

    Also why on earth do you want to install an 11 year old operating system??
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