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I have a HIS IceQ X Radeon HD 7850 graphic card arriving tomorrow and I plan on overclocking it. However, I've never done any graphic card overclocking before. Can someone give me a noob-friendly rundown of it, and what programs to use?

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  1. Don't overclock, it can damage your card very easily.
  2. amuffin said:
    Don't overclock, it can damage your card very easily.

    Really? HIS IceQ X has a really low temperature though
  3. try by it your self and be carefull and damage is own risk :D , from 1000/1135 to OC 1100/1200 MHz and keep eyes at temperature when ran benchmark , also raise speed fan GPU to 60%-80%
  4. Although the Catalyst Control Center (CCC) isn't really a recommended OC program I'd recommend it for a first time user. Main thing is Increase by small increments and watch the Temp. Also if need be, make sure to enable manual fan speed and push your fan speed around to were you feel it is running at a comfy temp under load and idle. The CCC also has an automatic setting that it will automatically push your card and draw a safe limit (then back down a wee bit from that if you use the auto setting). Just use small increments and watch for artifacting (buggy screen problems, weird colored pixel, pretty much odd Graphical issues) if you artifact back off a wee bit. also once you find its max OC potential go down a wee bit so you have some headroom for your card to work. Don't worry too much though because usually you have to eff up really bad to ruin your card. my current card (5570, I am working on getting the card your getting) I OCed a little too much and had terrible artifacting and it would shut down my PC in order to save the card so I had to go into Windows safe mode and uninstall CCC and delete all the files that had to do with CCC and my card to fix the issue and now my card is perfectly fine! Most of the time you Have to really really eff up it seems like in order to ruin your card but just don't push your card too hard and you won't have to worry.
  5. Please check this tutorial with detail step by step overclocking and performance boost benchmarks. A lot of useful information to get you going in the right direction with some great results:

    Thank you.
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