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I recently bought and assembled my new computer. The specs are:

Intel i7 930
Corsair XMS 1600MHz 2GB x 3
Gigabyte X58A-UD3R Rev 1.0

I used my old PSU which is a Fortron Source 700W (

The system has been running without a hitch for several weeks, but when I tried turning the computer on this evening it nothing shows up on the screen (I was gone this weekend and I forgot to unplug the power outlet).

Here's what happens when I turn on the computer:

1. All fans start spinning up, no abnormal sounds are emitted. The South Bridge overvoltage LED is however blinking red (high) and the North Bridge overvoltage LED is blinking green (slight).
2. The screen stays blank, but it doesn't show a "Check signal cable".
3. My external harddrives connected via USB starts blinking, but I am unable to open the tray of my DVD-drive.

The only tweaking I have done is 1) enable RAID 2) set the DRAM timings to what the manufacturer of my memory modules recommended (7-7-7-20 1T) and v1.66. 1.64 was the highest voltage setting within the "recommended" values in the BIOS settings, but the system did run fine with the voltage set to 1.66 for at least a week..

Any suggestions? I've tried resetting the BIOS and hoping that the default settings would help but no go.
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  1. I am unable to edit the first post so I am adding this comment as a reply.

    It seems that it's not just the SB & NB overvoltage LEDs that are flashing, in fact every single LED (including fan LEDs) seem to be blinking in the same rhythm. Would a new PSU help? (I don't have any other PSU to test with at the moment).
  2. I actually found a 300W PSU in my old pentium 4 box. With that PSU hooked up to the motherboard, the NB/SB overvoltage LEDs did not blink and I did get the boot screen to show up.

    I'll guess I'll go down tomorrow to buy a new PSU for my box, the Corsair TX750W seems to be alright? (
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