Applying arctic silver 5 to i7

I was wondering if only one line will be enough. Don't you think that may be three lines putted in the same direction as on the Arctic Silver 5 instruction will be better?
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    you have to remember that there is very little clearance between the heatsink and the CPU head spreader (literally like putting 2 dvds together). the only reason you put the thermal compound on is to fill any gaps and have a compete connection. 1 line should squeeze and spread right out super thin. if you put to much, it will squeeze out the sides and could contaminate critical circuits or other components. This is a case of More isn't Better. Its a case of, Just the Right Amount, not to little and not to much.
  2. Regardless of what chip it is, I normally go with the small dot in the middle but the directions say a small line, so that should be your best bet. As steadfast said you need just enough.
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    Have you read the directions??

    Oh and steadfast1984, if you got 2 dvd's worth of space between your cpu and your heatsink, you got serious problems.

    If you can slide a piece of paper in between, it's not installed right.

    He means the space between 2 dvds.

    This is a great article on applying thermal paste check it out.
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    Oh and steadfast1984, if you got 2 dvd's worth of space between your cpu and your heatsink, you got serious problems.

    I'm sure he's saying that putting a heatsink on a CPU with stuff between is like pressing two DVDs together with stuff in between - i.e. the tiniest amount will spread everywhere.
  6. practice with cd/dvds the smooth surface is like exactly what you would be doing, and if you want, cut them to size and see

    not to mention they are clear
  7. I normally put about the size of half a grain of rice in the centre and then wearing a disposable rubber glove, use a finger to evenly smear across surface of chip, works better than using the force of the heatsink being tied down.
  8. Thanks a lot for the replies. And the CPU is Intel i7 920
  9. the heat sink should actually directly make contact with the heat spreader and the thermal paste is actually only for microscopic imperfections. In general the less thermal paste the better. About the size of a grain of rice is plenty just as das_stig said.
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