Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 running temperature

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and wondering if anyone can offer a bit of advice.

I'm running a Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 and I've just installed CoreTemp which is showing an idle running temperature of 50-58 - does this seem very high?

At the moment the processor has an Intel e21984 fan on it ( - do you think it's time to upgrade this, or simply not worry?

Really appreciate any help and advice!

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  1. That seems a bit high, yes. What are your temps under load? If they're higher than about 75, I'd probably replace the cooler (and I do mean absolutely full load - you can use a program like Prime95).
  2. Hi cjl,

    Thanks for the response - during the stress test (I used Prime95) the temperature reached 71 at it's highest.

    They dropped back down to 53 pretty quickly afterwards.

    The thought of fitting a new cooler scares the hell out of me, but perhaps it would be for the best?
  3. 71 is within what I would consider to be an acceptable range, though it's certainly at the upper end of acceptable. It's up to you at this point whether you want to add a new cooler - the processor should do fine with the current cooler, but with a good aftermarket one, you could probably get load temps down to 55C or so.
  4. I agree, those are warm. I run the q9400 with an aftermarket cooler, a simple 4 heat pipe aluminium fin head sink with a 90mm fan, and at MAX load with prime95 I get 53-55degrees (your idle temp). when it idles it goes back down to about 27-32degrees, my room temp is around 20-22 degrees. and this is with an overclock of 3.2GHz

    Its always good to upgrade your cooling from stock. you don't need to go outrageous with liquid cooling or anything but anything is better then stock.
  5. Thanks steadfast and cjl- time for an upgrade to be safe I think!
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