Asus 6t deluxe v2 won't power up problem

I had a lightning strike nearby, the Asus 6T deluxe won't power up. The power supply was removed, it spins up and I have all the voltages. When installed and I plug in then swithc on the power supply I/O power supply switch, the mobo immediately flashes 2x per second, seen by the on board power and reset push buttons. The entire machine worked fine before the hit. I replaced power supplies in two other computers and revived them successfully. What does the flashing on board push button switches mean? Should I replace the power supply? I also notice that the CPU cooling fan blades pulse slightly in synchronization with the on board reset and power push button flashing. You can also hear the pulses, it sounds like little taps, it is not dead silent.
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  1. Can you test your system with one of the other computer's power supplies to rule out a dead power supply (which is what it sounds like happened to me... Dead PSU)?
  2. Yes, I had done that with an existing spare, does not power up. Also bought a new one and tried that, does not power up. Additional steps. I progressively removed DVD, Disk Drives, RAM, Video Card, etc. all with the same result, no power up. I removed the PSU main cable from the mobo and I checked again for power supply spin up directly by jumpering the green to common and all supply voltages and the fan come up right a good PSU.

    I am resigned to the fact that either the mobo or processor are pooched. So new ones are coming in the mail this week. Ouch*&$##& I am betting that the RAM is good, I hope as I did not order any new strips.

    After much reading about lightning protection for computer systems on the internet, I got a lot of information and experience by experts. I am installing a main cut off switch between my UPS and the computer room feed. This switch will be opened in an emergency (fast storm) or routinely while I am shut down in the room. In addition, I am installing whole house surge protection on the electrical service box outside, AND a surge protector on the telephone lines. I have read that most people forget the telephone lines and the lightning surge easily passes into all equipment with a network connection, for me that is just about everything. I will also install a switch on the telephone line coming to my telephone modem/router. This may seem extreme, but surge protectors and arrestors do not guarantee protection from a close or near direct hit at your home. This is what I am told. A total cut off, unpluging of the wires seems to give the guarantee that I want, and it is not too hard to do.

    We are having bad storms here in NC this season, lots of lightning, many times a week. I have learned a lot the HARD way. I hope others can benefit from my experiences.

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