Help with intel e2140 OC

Hi, iam a new member here. :hello:
I would like to asking about overclocking an Intel E2140 CPU. Currently iam using an Intel E2140 CPU with Gigabyte P965-DS3P Motherboard (updated bios with GA 965P DQ6), FPS 500 watts Power supply and 6 GB of RAM (A-Data Extreme[set] 4 GB + A-Data Extreme [set] 2 GB). would it be possible to overclock this kind of system, maybe just 30-50% (that's all i need now :kaola: ). thanks for any of your suggestions.... :love:
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  1. CPU cooler ???
    Ram jangan campur :P karena harus set 1:1
    masuk aja kesini lebihmudah terjemahannya :D
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