How do i get civilization 4 to play on hp mini computer

Is it possible to get of Civilzation 4 to play on HP Mini Computer due to the graphic limits. What i mean when i try to up load it, i get an error about graphic settings "could not match desired fullscreen mode". Am i just screwed.

Thanks for any suggestion
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  1. First things first:

    Next, what kind of Mini are we talking about? The shitty Intel integrated one or the nVidia Ion model? I'd say the Ion model would meet the minimum requirements (I mean absolute minimum settings). Did you even look at the minimum system requirements before buying the game?

    EDIT: and it kind of sounds like you didn't set the resolution properly. You'll have to select something that the monitor of the laptop supports (most likely 1366x768 MAX).
  2. Sorry Wvscout, but in your words, I really thing you're screwed.
    Mini's are mainly for Internet, email, & school work. They're not for playing any type of graphic intense games. You can play light games like solitaire and some web based ones, but nothing like Civ 4, Fear, or Fallout 3.
    Your intergrated video is sharing your system memory. You can try increasing the shared memory amount in your bios, but then you will not have enough left to actually run the game. If it deos run, do not be surprised if it crashes after running for a few minutes.
    My advise is to eitther use a regular Laptop or desktop pc.
  3. Thanks everyone,

    That is what i figured. I was simply trying to transfer the game. I got a Mini as a gift, when my older computer of 6 years died.
  4. Don't throw it out. Did you try troubleshooting it to see if it was the power supply? If it's full of dust, it just may be the power supply.
    Does it power on at all? If not, buy a can of air & a power supply.
    90% of the time when I trouble shoot a friend old pc, except for the occasional virus, that all that wrong.
    Besides, you can always return the power supply.
  5. I think you might be surprised at how many games a mini will play, so don't despair. There are lots of lists on the interweb featuring hundreds of good games that will play.

    In this particular case I think you will find that the game is trying to start in 1024x768 mode, which is unsupported by your mini. To correct this do the following:

    Browse to C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4 -- or your Civ4 root directory.
    Double-click _Civ4Config
    Find the line that reads "FullScreen = 1"
    Change the 1 to either 0, or ask (ask will make a pop-up when loading the game that lets you choose each time)
    Save and Exit

    If you wish to play full screen then simply go back to the _Civ4Config and find and change ScreenHeight from 768 to 600.

    Another game that plays really well on a mini is Rome Total War.
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