Supported motherboards for 9800gtx nvidia

please could you tell me if nvidia 7100 630i motherboard is compatible for xfx 9800 gtx GPU
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  1. i think that motherboard does not have a pcie x16 2.0
  2. It looks like the board has a PCI x16 slot, but it's likely PCI 1.1 x16 , not PCI 2.0 x16. Which means the card would work, but not with ideal performance. But that's going to be the case with just about any modern video card on that board.

    I'm not sure if the difference between 1.1 and 2.0 is going to make a difference in your case, though, because having that motherboard probably means you've got a fairly old system to begin with.
  3. thats wat i said !!!
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